We are the meeting ground of the cannabis industry and job seekers/employers

Getting a job of your choice is not a run of the mill especially when it comes to a nascent industry like cannabis. As a pioneer recruitment and staffing firm that has spanned over decades, we help you choose high energy-driven and skilled candidates who can form a part of your valuable team.

Irrespective of your requirement, whether it is a few major hiring or a complete team or several divisions we are there to assist you. We bring competition and energy to the fore by curating the best jobs for you and provide bright candidates to organizations involved in the cannabis industry.

Our in-depth industry experience and our desire to collaborate with an extensive talent network will ultimately help your organization and your team to take to the next level. We have over decades of experience in recruiting candidates and you can trust our knowledge and expertise in this sphere.

We are an active platform to help different cannabis organizations to find industry best talent as their staff and vice versa. You can apply for budtender, cultivation, extraction, harvesting and ancillary job positions in the cannabis industry. We, Cannabis Team are a single stop destination of diverse kinds of jobs right from entry level to high-level CEO positions.

The Cannabis jobs are financially rewarding as well as satisfying. We provide organizations the opportunity to connect with potential candidates and similarly job seekers to find the best jobs available in this field. If you want to build your career by gaining expertise in cannabis we are the destination for you.

In a vibrant and fresh industry like cannabis, it becomes difficult to decide whom to hire and when to hire. The same confusion goes with the candidates seeking jobs in this industry, as they are clueless about whom to contact and how to find them. We understand this dilemma. Our recruiting division consists of the experts who know the subtlety and intricacies involved in this field. We tie up with the leading medicinal and pharmaceutical brands, cannabis products, dispensaries, and cultivation firms and companies design cannabis consumption devices to find out job positions and to supply candidates to different organizations.

We boast a team of industry experts who have special knowledge in marketing, sales, operations, finance, and human resource positions and thus know the criteria to select candidates for each job position.

Needless to say, the cannabis industry is flourishing across the USA and Canada because of the recent legalization. Experts say this is the ideal time for the beginners to get into the industry as it is experiencing a boom. It presents a great alternative for those who are planning to change their careers.

We understand how fast this cannabis industry is growing and how people are feverishly trying to be a part of it. As more and more states are not opting for cannabis legalization for medicinal and recreational purposes, time is ripe to apply for jobs now before things get overboard and there is the scarcity of jobs. So, explore different cannabis jobs with us.

As one of the top sites for cannabis jobs, we simplify your process of job hunting and assist you to choose the most appropriate one for you. The list of cannabis jobs you can find at our website are-

  • Budtender

  • Dispensary general manager

  • Senior cost accountant, cannabis

  • Cannabis delivery driver

  • Sales director CEO, cannabis

  • Dispensary management

  • Marijuana cultivator

  • Lab director

  • Analytical scientist

  • Research and Development manager, cannabis  

  • Maintenance supervisor

  • Dispensary retail manager

  • Regional sales manager

  • General Manager

  • Quality control analyst