New data now available on the California cannabis industry

Below are the top 4 insights gleaned from the new data

Source: BDS Analytics


  • Sales in California represent 34% of legal sales in the United StateS

  • Californians are crazy for vape pens — this style of concentrate captured 61% of the concentrates market during Q2 2017

  • Infused pre-rolled joints are a passion that is particular to Californians. Golden State residents bought enough infused pre-rolls to capture 31% of the pre-roll market, compared to 19% in Washington, 7% in Colorado, and 2% in Oregon

  • During the second quarter of 2017 alone, California dispensaries sold $894.85 million worth of cannabis products, compared to $516.39 million in Colorado’s robust market, $302.77 million in Washington, and $163.07 million in Oregon

John Marshall