A Recruiter Brings in Talent While You Grow Your Business


In our past articles, we've talked about the importance of getting the right hires for the right position, all in order to allow your business take care of itself. As part of that effort, we covered why some businesses might want to look into hiring a recruiter to fill their recruiting needs.

Savings on time is one of the most obvious goals behind hiring a recruiter.

However, a recruiter provides more than that, including several benefits to your overall recruiting process that can be worth more to your company culture than just time. Here’s a short breakdown of the ways a recruiter can impact your company:

1. Recruiters take care of the less savory aspects of hiring. 

Let’s face it, you don’t have time to sift through the 220 resumes you got on Indeed, so let that be what the recruiter does! Not to mention all the admin around hiring that they handle: setting up interviews, salary negotiations, saying “no thank you” and telephone tag.

2. Recruiters keep the hiring process moving. 

Recruiters understand what is necessary for an optimal hiring process and will prioritize qualifications that are most important versus those that are just “wants” for a position. Not to mention, this is their full-time job, so they are not getting distracted by other work items you’ll get distracted by.

3. Recruiters will refine your job description for the better. 

A poorly written job description can cause an otherwise qualified candidate to walk away before they’ve even read the entirety of the posting. An effective job description is tailored to the type of candidate it hopes to land, and the content and listed requirements of the description should change based on those candidates – items that a seasoned recruiter will address.

4. They will grow to understand your culture. 

One of the more difficult aspects of hiring to gauge is whether a candidate fits in with your company culture. If you strive to work with a recruiter on repeated hires, this becomes one of their value adds.

While not all positions in your company may be ripe for a recruiter, we do believe that companies should place most of their focus on running their business, first and foremost, and a recruiter can help you do just that.

Whether you need new recruits now or plan on expanding in the near future, invest in the tools that help you keep your business moving forward.

Need a good accounting recruiter? We’re happy to pass along a name. Reach out to us at contact@cannabizteam.com and let us help.

Contributor: Quincy CFO

Photo Credit: @pro_green


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