Learn How Cannabis companies keep Their Key Employees intact during market launch delays

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In new cannabis markets where compliance, scarce supply or testing logjams can delay cultivation and retail operations, it’s critical to retain talent during slowdowns and shutdowns.

Delays that bogged down the launch of cannabis sales in Alaska, Hawaii and Pennsylvania don’t have to be detrimental to marijuana businesses, according to industry insiders.

Investing in employees through the uncertainty – and keeping them paid and productive – can actually save business owners money in the long run.

Retaining employees during a market delay or slow period can involve several strategies, such as cross-training staffers to handle multiple duties or educating them about the uses and benefits of medical marijuana.

“Your employees are your front line, they’re the number-one reason (customers) come back.  If you’re not investing in them, you’re not investing in your facility.”

Sara Gullickson, the chief medical cannabis consultant for Pennsylvania’s Solevo Wellness.

Marijuana Business Magazine spoke with experts about best practices for retaining and investing in employees during market delays that can slow or even halt business.

Click here to learn what they have to say about:

  • The importance of avoiding layoffs.
  • Investing in staff education.
  • Hiring techniques based on market conditions.
  • The benefits of cross-training employees.
  • Keys to rationing cannabis products.

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