What Is The Earnings Potential Starting Out as a Bud Trimmer?



Cannabis cultivation is now legal for at least medical use in over 29 states and sales have become a legal and legitimate part of the retail and agricultural industries, various non-traditional career opportunities have opened up that have the potential to earn as much or even more than executives with a college degree with academic or professional backgrounds. 


"Bud Trimmers already are making more than the starting salary in most industries." 

A recent report indicated that the average bud trimmer, whose job is to prune pot leaves from buds using a pair of tiny scissors, earns a starting wage of anywhere between $13 to $15 per hour.  Trimmers are an integral part of the harvesting -- and ultimately the selling -- process, especially in today’s cannabis connoisseur market.

The good news is that Bud Trimmers can quickly earn even more than just their starting wage.  As Bud Trimmers gain more hands-on experience and knowledge in the cannabis industry, their earning potential can significantly increase with a promotion to grower, gardener or extraction technician, allowing some of these candidates to earn salaries of anywhere between $50,000 to $90,000 per year very quickly.


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For many people switching careers and making more money relatively quickly in cannabis may be a refreshing change from the 9-5pm corporate grind. A career in cannabis may be a great option if you are just burnt out from wearing a suit and tie, and being limited in terms of advancement.  Being a Bud Trimmer offers steady work and a lot of room for financial growth. 
A report released last year by the Marijuana Industry Group found that in Colorado alone, at least 10,000 new jobs were created during the first few months of legal sales and California is set to be much much higher —making cannabis one of the most lucrative industries in the history of California. It stands to reason that as statewide legalization becomes more widespread, there will be a tremendous demand for entry-level bud trimmers looking to get their foot in the door of the next industrial revolution.


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John Marshall