If You Have Doubts About Entering the Cannabis Industry - This Video Will Give You The Confidence To Make The Leap


Liesl Bernard (pictured center above) speaks at the California Cannabis Industry Association WOMEN GROW event in San Diego on October 5th

The best advice that Liesel gave to the large audience looking to secure a job in the field, was to "Get into the Cannabis Industry now". She also elaborated on the importance of using a professional resume specifically targeted to the position you are applying for, and to utilize the (no-cost) services of an industry-specific staffing firm to gain a competitive advantage.

"Those who make the jump into this lucrative industry now will have one year of valuable experience and be light years ahead of those who didn’t by next year this time. Follow your passion and intuition and surround yourself with people that will encourage you to live your dream and succeed."

Liesl Bernard, CEO of CannabizTeam


CannabizTeam CEO - Liesl Bernard (Shown Second From Right in the Above Video) Speaks at the SD Women Grow Event in San Diego on Oct 5, 2017