So what are the top jobs in the Cannabis Industry?

Sales and Marketing

There is an incredible demand for those individuals with previous sales and marketing experience.  Sales continues to be the driving force in the industry and employers are seeking candidates with proven a sales background in the following industries and more; food distribution, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, social media, retail, technology and automotive.   If you have a sales and marketing background, then there's a good chance that your skills and experience match currently open positions.  We can help - search our jobs board for open positions.


While the companies in the cannabis industry continue to mature, some the top positions may be found in the financial departments of these growing organizations. Leadership positions in demand at the top of the field include CFO’s with previous manufacturing or cost accounting experienced. Financial analysts support owners making top level business decisions, and financial reporting managers with previous public company experience are in need.


Becoming a marijuana cultivator or grower is one of the most interesting and sought after career paths one can pursue in the cannabis industry. Laws differ from state to state, and in California, even from county to county and sometimes even city to city.  Growers typically have degrees in Horticulture or Botany and with work experience in greenhouses producing flowers or food. These types of degrees and work experience provide a good background for potential Master Grower candidates with cannabis facilities.  A person who has many years of marijuana growing experience, but no formal training, may have the skills needed to grow cannabis on smaller grow operations.  However, typically the larger grow facilities will require formal education and job related work experience. The good news is that without a degree and commercial growing experience, it is still possible to be a viable candidate for a commercial cannabis position.   The experienced staff at CannabizTeam can provide you guidance and options to enhance your hiring potential and to find positions as cultivators or growers in the industry today. 

Extraction Technicians

Most people only think of marijuana in the plant form and associate the use of the product through smoke inhalation.  However, marijuana vaporization and extracts are a growing side of the business, amounting to 40% of sales at some stores.  This field of work is highly utilized by entities holding a manufacturer’s license.  The “extraction artists” who are responsible for producing these products have a unique set of skills. Many extraction specialists have masters degrees or PhD’s in Biology or Chemistry.  While there are expensive machines that do the actual extraction, it requires a person with sophisticated knowledge and experience to make sure the product being produced and delivered to a patient or customer is exactly what they expect to receive. This is a highly regulated area that requires specialized talent.  If you have these job skills and want to be part of the rapidly growing and lucrative cannabis industry, search the jobs board to help you find employment opportunities in the extraction or manufacturing field.

“To get a foot in the door, all you need is a background in the field or have translatable skills”  


Every cannabis business needs a professional accountant who understands the intricacies and nuances of the industry.  From loans to private equity, cash management, payment processing and handling taxes, accountants who understand the accounting landscape will increasingly be in demand.  There are even specialized tax implications in this industry that make it even more challenging.  An accountant who can navigate their way through the 280E maze will be worth their weight in gold.  Don’t hesitate in letting the executive recruiters at CannabizTeam find you a high paying position in the industry.

Edibles Chefs/Cooks or Manufacturers

Do you love to bake or produce products? Why not apply your culinary or manufacturing skills to the cannabis industry?  Individuals with kitchen or food manufacturing backgrounds are in increasing demand as many patients or consumers prefer to eat cannabis rather than smoke it. As demand for the edible products grow and the stigma about the industry declines, the cannabis edibles industry will result in many more sophisticated and highly sought after jobs.  Candidates interested in getting involved with manufacturing of cannabis infused products must often have a food-handling certificate and complete a basic training courses. Regulations vary from state to state.  Reach out to the experts at CannabizTeam to help you find positions that will utilize your culinary skills. 


Lawyers that have experience in the cannabis industry and who specialize in cannabis-related regulatory compliance, applications, taxes, insurance and trademark/copyright protection are in high demand in all states.  Firms specializing in the cannabis industry are growth market.  As mentioned above, there are many legal disciplines that play a role in the cannabis industry.  Let the executive recruiters at CannabizTeam show you how your legal degree can parlay into a high paying position in the industry.

Security Professionals and Delivery Personnel

Security is a major concern for Cannabis business owners — especially since most companies operate on cash-only sales and handle a product that is considered illegal by the federal government.  Getting the products from the grow facilities or manufacturing plants to the dispensaries or retail shops is a huge safety concern.  Many companies have resorted to using a fleet of armored cars to deliver product or cash to its clients. Some security companies seek to hire former military personnel or law-enforcement officials looking to get into this cannabis-related business.  

*Candidates with video surveillance experience are also in high demand.  It is required by law that virtually all facilities which handle cannabis have cameras and surveillance equipment installed in any area that contains marijuana (cashiers’ spaces, safes, parking lots, grow  facilities, etc.) to provide security.  The professionals at CannabizTeam can assist veterans and anyone else with these skills find various position in this field.

Information Technology or Computer Programmers

All IT professionals are in high demand throughout the fast growing cannabis industry and all ancillary business that support it.  All businesses have websites they utilize to maintain up-to-date information on its operation and to advertise its business.  Web designers and graphic artists are consequently in high demand.  IT programmers are also in high demand as all states are required to maintain and operate vigilant seed-to-sale tracking programs that record every event from growth to sale of the product.  New computer programs have helped revolutionize and streamline this flow of data.  The cannabis-specific staffing firm at the CannabizTeam regularly lists open positions for e-commerce managers, tech bloggers and programmers.  Be sure to check our job posting board frequently for new opportunities and follow us on Facebook for instantaneous news in the industry.

Consultants/General Management Professionals

If you know how to set up a cannabis business or grow facility, why not help others get started?  There are plenty of new licenses holders who would pay for top dollar for your expertise.  Or if you don’t have specialized skills tailored to the marijuana industry yet, maybe you’re really good at marketing and sales, managing an office or running projects.  Whatever field you consider yourself an expert, there likely is a cannabis-industry consultant position for you.  The staff at CannabizTeam can help you find your niche today.  Contact us for an opportunity to get started in the industry.  


This entry-level position isn’t glamorous, but it is essential to every large-scale grow operation. Teams of trimmers work their way through pounds of bud separating the product from the plant.  Trimmers are generally paid hourly or by the weight of their finished product. Some grow operations have indicated a willingness to hire skilled trimmers on a full time basis so they have the necessary personnel resources on hand when needed.  Trimming bud is an excellent way to learn the ins and outs of the trade. If you are a graduate coming right out of school and can’t find a job in your career field, this is great opportunity to get an entry-level position in the marijuana industry.  


Budtenders are dispensary or retail employees that work behind the counter, listening to customers, and recommending strains and products to match customer needs and preferences. Good budtenders are patient, knowledgeable about their products, have good communications skills and are able to develop a rapport with the store’s clientele.  These are common employee skills and traits for many jobs in the workplace.  In the cannabis industry they are essential.  Many people purchasing marijuana Handling and dispensing weed doesn’t have to be done by an expert, but you do need a state license.  

Next steps?

(Of course, you will always need a solid resume, great references and verifiable real-life experience).  Reach out to CannabizTeam to discuss your background and what skills may be best suited to use in transitioning into the cannabis industry.  For a free resume review or to search and apply for available cannabis industry jobs, please use the links below.


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